Frequently Asked Questions:


1.) What is PrimeKeeper?

PrimeKeeper is a hassle free and cost free dynamic online notes keeper. For each access name it can keep and organize notes by groups. It can add/edit/delete/search/list/sort the notes. It has a utility for password change.


2.) How to access PrimeKeeper?

You need to register. Enter your access name and password, if successfully validated then you are automatically login. Please remember your access name and password, you will need them next time you login.


3.) How long does it keep my account?

If your account is idle for more than a year ( > 365 days) it will expire and will be removed.


4.) I forgot my password, how can I access my account?

At the moment, PrimeKeeper does not have a facility to recover a forgotten password.
Please register another account and make sure to write down your access name and password.


5.) I would like to share my notes to others?

To share notes, let others know your access details (access name and password).


6.) How many notes can I save?

Currently you can save up to 500 notes.


7.) After logging in, how long before the session expires?

When idle, the session will expire after 2 hours (120 minutes).


8.) Is there a warning before the session expires so that I will have time to save my notes?

Yes, 15 minutes before the session expires a warning alert will appear reminding you that the session will expire soon and reminding you to save your notes.


9.) How can I assure that my notes are in safe and secure place?

Notes are stored in a secure server with password encryption for authentication. Notes are secured and are not provided to any other third party service provider. Database backup is implemented on a daily basis for notes recovery.


10.) What is Quick Notes?

Quick Notes is one of the features that you can add notes using only your access name without logging in to your account. You can also use this to send notes to other access name.


11.) What is Contact Form?

Contact Form is a gadget that you can add into your website in which your visitor can easily send messages/inquiries directly into your PrimeKeeper Account.


12.) I would like to sort the notes, how can I do this?

Just click the button of the corresponding field (e.g., Group, Description, Notes, Date) located in the header of the List to toggle in ascending/descending sort order.